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SPE Courses has been created at the request of the Society of Professional Economists (SPE) to provide exclusive high quality professional development courses for professional economists in the SPE and the Government Economic Service (GES). Some places on these courses may be available to other economists and students from time to time but courses are generally prioritised for members of the GES and SPE.

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Courses will include refresher and update courses as well as workshops on major issues from leading experts in their field. Courses are aimed at practitioners of economics and so emphasise practicality and application rather than abstract theory.

Members of the GES and SPE are invited to request provision of courses in particular areas of economics for the consideration of SPE Courses.

Where SPE Courses advertises courses from other providers we will ensure that these courses also meet the 90 per cent ‘Good or Very Good’ SPE Courses participant feedback criteria necessary for courses to be included in our portfolio.

Some of Our Tutors


Vicky Pryce

Vicky Pryce FAcSS is one of the UK’s best-known economists. She is a former Joint head of the Government Economic Service and a leading expert on the EU. She is currently Chief Economic Advisor for CEBR.


Peter Urwin

Professor Peter Urwin is Director of the Centre for Employment Research and Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Westminster. He has tutored many well-received courses for the Government Economic Service


Geoff Tily

Geoff Tily is TUC Senior Economist from 2014. Following 25 years as member of the government statistical and then economic services, most recently as macroeconomic adviser in HM Treasury. His book 'Keynes Betrayed' is regarded as a major contribution to a huge literature.


Andy Ross

Andy Ross FAcSS is former Head of Professional Development for the Government Economic Service and now Head of Professional Development for the Society of Professional Economists


Jon Guest

Through his work as a Senior Associate of the Economics Network, Jon has run sessions on innovative pedagogic practices at a number of universities and major national events. He is also an academic assessor for the Economic Assessment Centres run by the Government Economic Service.


Catherine Connolly

Catherine Connolly has worked on a wide range of economic topics across the public and private sectors, covering macroeconomic forecasting, globalisation and cost-benefit analysis, including working on the 2018 edition of the Green Book. Catherine was in the British Civil Service between 2001 and 2018 where she was a member of the Government Economic Service and the Senior Civil Service. She worked at HM Treasury, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and at the former Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). She has also worked for Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, the New Zealand Treasury and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Catherine is the founder of economicsense, a specialist economics training provider, and studied economics at Otago University, New Zealand.


Ken Warwick

Ken Warwick is an independent economics consultant. Until April 2018, he was a member of the UK Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) and before that had 35 years’ experience as a senior economist in UK Government and international organisations. During his time in the UK Government, Ken was Chief Economic Adviser and Director of Analysis in the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). He was also a senior economist in the UK Department of Trade and Industry, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the IMF in Washington. As a member of the RPC, Ken led on CBA methodology and the economics of regulation and reviewed hundreds of Regulatory Impact Assessments. He has spoken at OECD and international events on cost benefit analysis and led numerous cost-benefit analysis studies while in Government.


John Llewellyn

Before co-founding Llewellyn Consulting, John was Global Chief Economist and then Senior Economic Policy Advisor at Lehman Brothers. This followed almost twenty years at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, where variously he was Head of International Forecasting and Policy Analysis, Editor of the OECD Economic Outlook, Deputy Director for Social Affairs, Manpower and Education, and finally Chef de Cabinet to the Secretary-General. Prior to that he spent nearly ten years at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Cambridge, and he was also a Fellow of St. John’s College.

John earned his undergraduate degree at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and his doctorate at the University of Oxford. He has published widely.


Ed Swires-Hennessy

The presenter of this course, Ed Swires-Hennessy, is now a statistical consultant but was a government statistician for over 35 years, mainly in Wales. He has over 30 years of experience in presenting data and the messages that come from them. Ed has taught this course throughout the Civil Service both within government departments and through the Civil Service College and National School for Government.

Over the last 20 years, Ed has taught this course in many countries of Europe – including within Eurosatat – and is a regular lecturer at the Royal Statistical Society. He has been a consultant on data and website presentation to many countries. Several recent courses have concentrated on storytelling from official statistics which have been given to Eurostat, the Centre for Investigative Journalists and to disparate groups of data providers and journalists from CIS countries.

Ed is the only government statistician to be awarded a medal by the Royal Statistical Society in the last 70 years – for his outstanding contribution and influence on the dissemination of official statistics, notably his contribution to the development of electronic dissemination of statistics in Wales, his longstanding commitment to the teaching of official statisticians nationally and internationally, and his international advisory role on the usability of statistical websites. He is the author of ‘Presenting data: How to communicate your message effectively’ ISBN 9781118489598. Published by Wiley September 2014.: ‘ This book should be required reading for all who present statistics’ Richard Laux, UK Statistics Authority