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Women and Capitalism

Vicky Pryce FAcSS

Course Duration - 1 Day Course

Course Date - 12th December 2019 / 2pm to 5pm

Course Price: £145

Course Location:

Westminster University, London


Vicky Pryce FAcSS, former Joint head of the Government Economic Service and now Chief Economic Advisor for CEBR, is one of the UK’s best-known economists. Her new book ‘Women vs. Capitalism: Why We Can't Have It All in a Free Market Economy’ will attract much public attention by presenting a strong challenge for economists and governments to consider radical policies for gender equality, based on sound economic evidence and principles, which go far beyond naïve reliance on market forces.

This half-day workshop will cover:

What gender inequality is and how widespread is it?

Capitalism and gender inequality.
What is the gender pay gap?
What causes the gender pay gap?
Why is the gender pay gap a problem?
The gender pay gap as a market-failure
Gender equality as the route to economic growth and enhanced productivity
Why intervention is needed.
Economic equality as the route to gender equality.
Policies for gender equality.

All Delegates will receive a free signed copy of Vicky Pryce- Women versus Capitalism