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Introduction to Python for Economists

Paul Wohlfarth

Course Duration - 1 Day Course

Course Date - 17th January 2020 / 9.15pm to 4.30pm

Course Price: £295

Course Location:

London location


Empirical and theoretical research in Economics is becoming increasingly computational. With this, the command of programming languages is gaining importance. Python pro- vides an excellent tool for both, practitioners and academics, to tackle this. It is simple, versatile, and, best of all, it’s for free!

This course is designed to introduce Python programming as a tool for Economists. It gives an overview of what Python is and how it can be used. We will introduce basic programming techniques, and demonstrate useful applications in Economics, focussing on data management, analysis and visualisation.

The course does not require any pro-gramming experience. Own laptops, using any platform/ operating system (Windows or MAC OS) are required.

Course Outline

9.30-11am: What is Python? Different distributions and editors, managing environ- ments and packages, Python’s standard library.

11-11.30am: Coffee break

11.30am-1pm Programming

• Programming basics: variables, datatypes, indexing, lists and dictionaries, control flow statements

• Program design, object oriented programming, debugging 1-2pm Lunch break

2-3.30pm Working with Python libraries

• Pandas (SciPy and NumPy) libraries: Reading and writing data, data merging and cleaning, data analysis

• matplotlib and Beautiful Soup: Data visualisation and xml html parsing

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

• Know different ways of setting up and working with Python, use and extend it’s libraries and existing documentation

• Write, read, and review Python programs using basic programming techniques

• Use Python for data cleaning and manipulation

• Use Python for data analysis and visualisation

• Use Python for data extraction